I have an MA in Scriptwriting at Goldsmiths College. I have screenplays that are currently optioned and I have been commissioned to write them for European, British and American film companies. I lecture and workshop on scriptwriting in various groups in the UK, teaching and helping new writers to understand scriptwriting structure, specifically the formula of the hero’s journey monomyth.
I enjoy writing in any genre or to any story type. I have an excellent knowledge of story architecture and character types. Please sample some of the scripts I have written below.
I can work as a script consultant, provide screenplay reports, or organise script workshops and actors read throughs for your screenplay. I can arrange your story into the right package for presentation to producers in UK Film and Hollywood. I know what production companies will want to see and I will be able to draft all of the relevant artefacts accordingly. I can package your film so you can sell it.

Sample 1. Übermensch, Featurette (Magical Realism). Rising Films

Sample 2. Wolfhunter, Feature (Monster Movie/Gothic Fantasy/Quest). Rising Films

Sample 3. The Wolfman and the Toyman, Television (Biopic). Astor Pictures Ltd.

Sample 4. Awake, Feature (Biopic)

Sample 5. Beauty, Short (Romantic Drama/Magical Realism)

Sample 6. Übermensch 2: The Cloud, Feature (Magical Realism). Rising Films

Sample 7. Death Ride, Short (Grindhouse). Rising Films

Sample 8. Sea Dog’s Bite, Television (Celtic Folk Horror). Garland Stone Productions Ltd.

Sample 9. Personal Trainers, Television (TV Comedy). Rising Films