Each unique project will require varying amounts of focus, research, intensity and time. As a result, I am paid changing amounts on a project-by-project basis. For a rough guide, see below:
1 hour – £45, 1 day – £200, 1 week – £1000
Your project will be categorised as a small, medium or large piece of work, depending on the number of months I will need to invest in ghostwriting your book:
Small: £1000 – £8000
Medium: £8000 – £16,000
Large: £16,000 +
I charge £1000 a month as a minimum service retainer. This will involve miscellaneous writing work, e-mails on your behalf to relevant agencies, publishers etc, phone call consultations and time for 1-1 meet ups on skype or in person. This service is ideal for people whose projects are complete and do not wish to pay the £200 day rate for continued work.
The next step is to go to the contact page and fill in as much information for me as you. This way we can begin the first steps and those are the most important. I look forward to your enquiry.