Ghostwriting Samples

As you will sample, my writing style will vary considerably… from the abstract to the academic, the poetic and surreal, to the journalistic where one is “Never to use a long word where a short one will do…” I will know how best to write your book in the style and tone that is most fitting for what it is.

Sample 1. The Daniel. Novel. Fiction, Subject: Jailbreak

Sample 2. Confessions of a King’s Road Cowboy. Memoirs, Autobiography. Subject: War

Sample 3. Confessions of a King’s Road Cowboy. Memoirs, Autobiography. Subject: London Crime

Sample 4. Confessions of a King’s Road Cowboy. Memoirs, Autobiography. Subject: Italia ’90

Sample 5. One Year and My Backpack. Non-Fiction, Travelwriting. Subject: Asia

Sample 6. The Adventures of Miles Punkash. Novel. Fiction. Subject: Identity and Alienation

Sample 7. One Month in Mumbai. Novel. Fiction, Crime. Subject: Revenge

Sample 8. Non-Fiction, Subject: Media & Advertising

Sample 9. Non-Fiction, Subject: Philosophy and Polymathy

Sample 10. Non-Fiction, Subject: Politics & Propaganda

Sample 11. RussiaNovel. Fiction. Subject: War

Sample 12. Frozen TearsNovel. Fiction. Subject: Childhood

Sample 13. The Hero. Novel. Fiction, Fantasy. Subject: Magic

Sample 14. Hippo: The Human Focused Digital Book. Non-Fiction. Social Psychology/Technology