I am a writer of novels, biographies and film screenplays.  A ghostwriter is someone who remains invisible on projects and is often not credited: a ghost.
Why would you hire a ghostwriter? Because you don’t know where to begin, how to do it or have the time!
I work closely with my clients in order to understand their perspectives, thoughts, and feelings: so to seek and create the right tone and language to fit their personality. It requires time, patience and an attuned understanding of the individual in order to find their voice. Only that will make the piece their own. Sometimes, people do not have a voice, or know how to shape a book – I can help with this too. A good ghostwriter is someone who is observant, intuitive, detailed and creative.
I run a weekly blog teaching people how to write and work as a ghostwriter and how to become a ghostwriter in their spare time. Please follow The Ghostwriter Blog for on-going information, tips and tricks.
To find out what a ghostwriter can offer you or how to hire me as your ghostwriter – please get in contact. Due to the nature of ghostwriting, most of my work cannot be listed but I can send you samples privately. Please read some of my samples, testimonials and read my Ghostwriting FAQ for more information. Click for a general price guide.