Born in Cardiff, South Wales, Luke’s creative training began at four years old painting with his Grandfather, a famous Welsh artist. He was encouraged to practise into things creative: writing, martial arts, film.
He learnt to edit video and began storytelling visually, recording and editing film. Frustrations in the process led him away from the film set and the idea of the industry, and to the writing desk. He studied film theory at night school and left the Film & Video BA course he was enrolled in at UWN in Wales. Soon after, he landed his first professional screenwriting job with a local film production company.
His work as a personal trainer took him to London and there he studied Scriptwriting as an MA at Goldsmiths College and that year, a professional entrepreneurial writing career began—amidst the  backdrop of a growing gig economy, he was being employed to write books and screenplay as a writer for hire, working for indy film companies, clients and companies, most of which was work to pay the bills. Out of that work, he built The London Ghostwriting Company while making short film in preparation for the launch of the mass media company Rising Films Ltd.