I was born in Cardiff, Wales. I studied film, media, art and English and have a BA in Film & Video and an MA in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths College, University of London. I have optioned screenplays, ghost written novels and biographies and I have directed short films.
On social media I post as The London Ghostwriter but I am a ghostwriter for hire in the UK, or anywhere in the world – if work takes me there. Ghostwriter Services UK is how I manage ghostwriting projects with other ghostwriters in the UK. I will normally take one or two ghostwriting jobs on at any one time as a co-author or ghostwriter while building my film production company Rising Films Ltd.
Interestingly, beside all of my creative work, I also work as a personal trainer. My approach to exercise and healing is naturopathic and I work locally with clients in South London, either in Brockwell Park or at their homes. All of these services combine to produce a portfolio career which I am very happy with as it gives me time to balance my whole life and explore my interests.
Interests: Travel, film, religion, literature, history, science, spirituality, boxing, drawing, asia, hiking, martial arts, the himalayas, radio, swimming and coffee.
I have found inspiration towards my work through travel and learning about other cultures. I have been to the following countries; Andorra, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Nepal, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, USA and Wales. My favourite country is India and I have been there 5 times.